Quality, not Quantity - a superior concept

Linkreferral.com is truly a traffic building program, and should not be mistaken for a traffic exchange, click exchange, or any other sort of incentivized program, most of which do not work because the focus is on gaining hits, vs. attracting interested visitors. We have strived to insure high quality to each visit received from our program. Members participating in our directory traffic program choose what sites they wish to visit based on category, subcategory and description like any normal directory. They can additionally base their visit on reviews by prior visitors. Participants also write reviews of sites, requiring them to understand the content of the site and what it has to offer. We limit the maximum number of visits and reviews to 30 and 5 per day, so that the focus of the members is again on visiting sites they want to visit, rather than racking up numbers. In this way, the visits produced are genuine and of high quality. The directory is also open and indeed visited by 1000's of visitors with no affiliation to linkreferral.com at all on a daily basis. We have added new components in the past few months, including forum posting for credit, and choosing favorite sites for credit, to enhance the overall community feel and networking potential.

We encourage you to go through our directory, and particularly the corresponding reviews of the websites listed. You'll find that almost all have specific comments as to what the reviewer likes, and what can be improved. In this way, Linkreferral.com is not just a traffic building site, but a way for our members to gain knowledge and information with regard to potential customers, and what they are doing right and wrong from a marketing, presentation, and technical point of view.

Linkreferral allows members to be able to simultaneously expose their website, get feedback, and build a contact list of visitors that are interested in what they have to offer.