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2017-06-08 02:55:01    Esther
Treks Himalaya is great website with rich information on trekking on Nepal. .
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2017-05-08 10:37:50    Emmanuel
looks very good with a lot of information's .
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2016-11-05 13:18:11    Oliver
Nicely laid out. Looks like fun..
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2016-11-05 01:56:07    Treks Himalaya
Treks Himalaya Pvt. Ltd. an indoor outdoor trekking and tours operative company takes you that further way to guarantee you has an unforgettable adventure that you have been dream with Treks Himalaya is part of your choice. We have your choose of trekking for 3 days or 30 or more days. We always respect our duty to constantly your holiday satisfaction in Nepal. Whether you are looking for a quiet gateway, a memorable outing with a family or an exciting nature adventure. We offer you with the best progressive information and itinerary leading focused and modified as per your requirements. It is significant to memorize, though, it necessitate an enough level of physical homework and must remembers that there is also a psychosomatic assurance in walking in mountains. Treks Himalaya is an attempt to encourage Nepal to the exterior world while striving to defend an aged tradition as well as conserve the surroundings for generation to come. We specialize in organize Nepal travel activities excursion such as:- Trekking, Helicopter Tours, Peak Climbing, Mountain Flight, Honeymoon Tours, Sightseeing Tours, Rafting, Jungle Safari Tours, Pilgrim’s Tours, Hotel Reservation, Air Ticket, Tibet and Bhutan Tours many more your vacation desire. We dedicated ourselves to take each step essential to provide you and skill you will dotingly look back upon not kind what it cost you, as you will be recurring a wealthier person full of reminiscences. We, trekking and tours company in Nepal that is very believable, responsible and fully offers personage, group, tailored travel and trekking excursions in Nepal. If you would like to explorer lifetime knowledge of trekking and visiting destination of different part of Nepal as well as tours to Bhutan and destination Tibet in a secure and safe mode, then we is the exact agency for you. Our trekking tours team involve knowledge all aspect of country, the enormous historical sites, natural loveliness and wildlife, most prominently, they give you the opportunity to get with local people and to see their custom first hand. Anyone with a join up to strong legs and strength of adventure to discover the exotic will pleasurable the excitement of trekking, tours and charming discovery. Further information contact below:- Treks Himalaya Pvt. Ltd. P.O.Box: 23044, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal Phone: 0097714700422 Mobile: 009779841433205
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2016-10-26 00:47:49    Niksa
Wonderful website, easy navigation and great content. You are meeting needs of the people too...
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2016-07-18 08:03:47    TOM
good site and it opens so fast for the client to read..
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2016-06-30 01:52:40    Steven
Great website which has a lot of different unique and interesting content..
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2016-06-24 03:38:14    Mark
Very good website loaded fast and was easy to navigate...!..

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