free advertising, online marketing, web site promotion, website traffic    What is LinkReferral?  |  My Account  |  Contact Us  |  Marketing Tips  |  FAQs - Hotel Spirit -15 minutes walking distance from the center of Bratislava, Slovakia. Internet is free of charge. Parking is for free as well. The price of accommodation is from 800,- Sk per person and night.

keywords: night person per Sk - 800 from is accommodation price well as free is Parking charge free is Internet Slovakia Bratislava center from distance walking minutes -15 Spirit Hotel

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travel / general    118 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2008-09-04 23:33:10    Wil
Your hotel looks really cool from the exterior photos. Is there a reason why you don't have any interior photos? I think you main Hotel Spirit website is more informative, but this is a nice little site on your place..
travel / general    24 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2006-09-29 02:43:42    Ye Maung Maung
list of incredible hotel design!!!! really cool. ur web make me to visit there. good job, man!!!.
travel / flights    173 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2006-09-06 12:21:26    M/V KING OLAV
Very specilel hotel desing. Simple quick and easy navigation on your site. .
travel / general    678 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2006-06-25 10:58:40    Noeme
No one need never feel lonely if one vists your establishment, it all looks so personal, to suit every different type of customer. .
education / general    1667 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2006-06-03 10:42:42    Martha E.
How interesting. The graphics are marvelous. Hard to see the blue text on black..
miscellaneous / general    241 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2006-04-03 05:59:15    susan
couldn't understand a word but it looked ok.
computing / advertising    8656 reviews   review this site   add to favorites
2006-03-20 08:02:06    mike
I bookmarked it....

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