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Linkreferral Forums - 5 cents per question & 35 cents/tasks
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5 cents per question & 35 cents/tasks

"This week, I did a very simple survey. There were 7 questions and I got 36 cents in one minute. That is 5 cents for each question. Lots of Quality checking of data, data entry and other jobs/tasks are there everyday. Each tasks is paid 2 cents or 4 cents or 7 cents or 25 cents or 75 cents. Free to join. Lots of $1 to $5 surveys daily.

Members from USA and Europe get $19 per offer completed. Asian members have earned $20/day. I earn 20 cents to 30 cents daily for my work as a free member. Last week I did a simple survey about mobile phones. It took 5 to 7 minutes and I got 85 cents.

Website link:

7,400,000 members worldwide and paying always since year 2007."

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thanks..good information


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