Visit / Review For Credit - The Member's Directory

You are probably already familiar with the Linkreferral referral traffic program, via our 'featured sites' listing on the front page and may be very well how you arrived here. However, we also have a mutual visit/review program that can give you immediate, consistent traffic via the members site directory.

When you go shopping in real life, many times you will go for a specific item, and then while browsing around a store, something will catch your eye and before you know it, you've happily bought an item that you had no original intention of purchasing at the start of the day. That is exactly the concept of the member's site directory, where 1000's of members visit and review other members sites each day for ranking credit for their own site, and while doing this, a site with a particular service or product to offer will be just what another member had been looking for. Additionally, we have lots of visitors with no affiliation to visiting every day. The traffic produced is of much higher calibre than any autosurfing, manual surf or any type of traffic exchange site, as the visitor actually chooses the link to visit based on category, subcategory, reviews and description. They will then choose to write actual reviews on a few of the selected webpages they have visited.


In order to participate, all you need to do is login and visit a maximum of 30 sites, write 5 reviews, 1 post in the forums, and choose 1 favorite site in a 24 hour period for the highest possible ranking in your site category. Obviously the higher your ranking, the more traffic you will likely receive. Rank is determined by the sum of visits + (reviews X review quality) + forum post + marked favorite site, and then finally by the latest login time. You can expect to receive 20-60 extra visitors a day of people who specifically chose your site to visit from a modest amount of daily participation and that number is growing daily as more members are participating in the program. See more details on ranking criteria.

If you do not have time to participate, we also have the option of paid listings, which automatically places your site in the top 5 results of your subcategory and on the 1st page of your main category without having to login and visit sites. You can find out more about this in our paid listings description.

This part of the program is a great supplement of instant traffic for your site while referral based traffic is building through our referral part of the program and is good generator of consistent traffic for people not able to place the linkreferral link on their site in order to be able to participate in the referral part of the program.