Frequently Asked Questions

You may also want to visit our Rules and Guidelines page.

General Account Questions

Q: How do I retrieve a lost password?
A: You can automatically retrieve your password by following the instructions at this link here.

Q: How do I change what emails are sent to me from linkreferral.com?
A: You can do so at this link here.

Q: How do I completely retire my account?
A: You can do so at this the same link here.

Q: How do I submit my site to the directory?
A: When you join our program starting at the 'join and generate...' link on the homepage, your site is automatically submitted once you have completed registration. Sign into your account with the username and password you signed up with in order to improve your site ranking from the bottom of the list.

Q: I do not wish to have adult oriented web link owners review my link. How do I prevent that?
A: There is a 'no adult' setting in your info settings which you can access by logging in and hitting the tab 'change info', so you will not longer have your website viewed or reviewed by websites in the adult category...

Q: Can I register more than one site? How? How many?
A: Yes you can, for now you'll need to register each one separately as a new account. They must be separate distinguishable sites of differing content. Generally no more than 10... Use the same email, different password so we can tie them together in the future.

Q: Why do some listings in the directory have a photo of their website beside them?
A: Listings with photos are upgraded members. Find out more here.

Q: What will get me in trouble with my account?
A: Anything that compromises our service and/or is detrimental to it's members. This includes registering more than 10+ accounts/webpages in an effort to monopolize the directory. Reviewing more than the allotted 5 reviews per day with no quality to the reviews in an effort to spread your listing. Spamming our forums with self promotion. Using offensive language where deemed not appropriate (i.e. using it in an adult review might be appropriate, using it to insult a grandmothers' church blog is not). Generally writing the majority of your reviews to insult other members. Promoting your own site exclusively when writing reviews. Signing up a number of garbage accounts under your referral ID. Sanctions range from temporary suspension all the way to permanent ban and ip block of your entire region. Please behave yourself, we have human eyes on what's going on at all times, and it is not difficult to tie accounts together....

Q: How do I insert the HTML Code?
A: There are resources to help you once you login, starting on your account homepage, under the heading 'HTML code'.

Q: When I login and attempt to go to any other page, I'm asked to login again and again and again... what's wrong?
A: That normally happens when your browser settings or some security software on your computer is not allowing cookies... cookies are little files that can be created and store information on your computer. We use them to store your login info and keep you logged in as you go from page to page. You'll need to change the settings on your browser or security software to allow cookies.

General Earning Credit for Ranking

Q: How do I earn credit to increase my ranking in the directory?
A: Sign into your account with the email and password you chose during signup, and then you can start earning credit by choosing the 'directory' tab on the top of the account homepage. There is a counter to keep track of how many sites you have visited, how many you have reviewed, how many you have chosen a favorite and how many forum posts you have made for that 24 hour period in the upper right hand corner.

Q: What are the ranking criteria for the directory?
A: You can find out at this link here.

Q: My directory listing says 'offline' - why?
A: One of three reasons. a) There may be a temporary glitch in retrieving the ranking information for the counter, however, your listing is still online. Refresh the page and/or login again. b) You clicked the 'change to offline' link, on your account homepage. Click the 'change to online' link beside it to restore it. C) If your review grade is also an 'F' than it is because of your review rating. Your reviews were either non-existent, a complete self promotion and/or against our policies. You have the opportunity to submit another improved set of reviews for the next review period to get your listing back online.

Visiting Sites

Q: When I click on a members link to view their site, I get nothing. Why?
A: We display members sites in a new window. If a new window is not appearing, it probably has to do with some sort of pop up blocking software that either you have installed or that came with your browser that is stopping new windows from opening. (yes, some of this software considers even links that you intentionally click that open new windows to be 'pop-ups' - not terribly bright on the part of the software developers) You'll need to adjust your settings to allow pop-ups and/or for at least our site...

Q: I am not getting credit for visiting sites - why?
A: There are several possibilities, a) you are not logged in. b) you are visiting too quickly (you must view the members website for at least a few seconds). c) you are visiting sites you have already visited for that day or month. Sites that have a checkmark beside them you do not get credit for visiting again, (green you have already visited in the last 24 hours, orange 5 times in the last 30 days)

Q: I visited 30 sites and then came back a few hours later and I was back at 0 - why?
A: The 24 hour clock starts at the time of the first visit, so if you visited 1 or 2 the afternoon prior then did the rest the next morning, the credit will only last until that afternoon. If your visit count is not at 0 when you start to review sites for that day, we recommend you reset your counter (the link beside your review count) and then do all your visits and reviews at one time to insure you get a full 24 hour credit.

Q: Why don't you have a timer to ensure visitors stay on the site like many traffic exchanges do?
A: Although we have an internal timer of 6 seconds between visiting two sites to ensure visitors at least view a site's front page, we have no plans to implement a 'timer'. That is exactly where traffic exchanges fail, displaying a site you are not interested in and putting the focus on waiting for the timer to count down instead of giving freedom of choice.

Linkreferral is an introduction service - forcing people to stay on a site they do not wish to be on would defeat the purpose. If people are not sticking around to view your site, it's an indication that either the style or substance of what you are offering is not grabbing people's attention and some re-working/re-evaluation is needed... by participating in the linkreferral process, it provides a free testing ground to figure out what works and what doesn't both from the user's behavior, and their comments.

Reviewing Sites

Q: How do I get my site reviewed?
A: People simply choose to leave a review if they wish, you'll receive more traffic and thus more reviews the higher your rank in the directory.

Q: What specifically are the review criteria as part of the overall ranking criteria for the directory?
A: You can find out at this link here.

Q: My review letter grade changed although I've done the same type of review all along - why?
A: Chances are your reviews were border line between two letter grades and so you may get one or another depending on the review period. Additionally keep in mind we do reviews ratings every 1-2 days or so and there may be a delay of up to 24 hours grading your latest reviews.

Q: I am not getting credit for reviewing sites - why?
A: Similar to the visits, if you have already reviewed a site within the last 3 months (indicating by a red letter 'R' with a green check beside the site) you do not receive additional credit for re-reviewing that site.

Q: I would love to be able to put select reviews I've received on my website. Do you have a way I can do that?
A: We have an HTML export tool for reviews - Just login, view your reviews and on that page, there will be a checkbox beside/under each review. Check off the reviews you want to export, then push the 'choose' button, which will take you to the resulting HTML code...

Forum posts

Q: I am not getting credit for forum posts - why?
A: There are a few categories that do not count for credit. See the forum homepage, there will be a note beside each category if it does not count for credit.

Q: I have a -1 or -2 on my 'forum posts' score, Why?
A: That means what you have written as a forum post is against the rules found on the front page of our forums (mainly spamming and/or self-promotion). The comments are wiped and your score penalized. Each post deemed so is given a -1 instead of 1.