Ranking Criteria in the Member Directory

1) Login - log in once a day, and your ranking through the directory will stay in the top half of listed sites.

2) Visit Other member's sites (30 max.) - Instead of giving credit for people hitting your site, we are giving credit for members visiting other member's sites, encouraging more overall traffic and a sense of community for everyone. Visit up to 30 sites a day, and your site's ranking will immediately reflect the effort you've made you must be logged in to receive credit.

3) Review Other member's sites (5 max.) - A maximum of 5 good quality reviews will increase your ranking. important! - we manually check (and rate) the reviews ('A','B','C','F') that you write about other sites, the result of which will be a ranking factor! learn more about review criteria.

(note: 'F' reviews will have their listing taken offline until the next review period)

4) Post a Question or Comment in the Forum (1 max. for credit) - you can either start a new topic or make a comment on an existing forum. Is considered the same value as a review, kind of a 'bonus' review.

(note: These are also moderated and if it is all self-promotion or nonsense, the post will be wiped, credit will be taken away and you'll be penalized for the day. The exception is the General Miscellaneous forum category that allows spam, however you do not get credit for posting or answering in that category)

5) Choose a favorite site - Choose a site you have visited for the day that you like and you would revisit, do business with, and or would like to keep updated. the owners of all the favorites you choose have the opportunity to email you at your linkreferral 'inbox' to keep you update to date with what is going on, so choose wisely. If you add, then remove the site, you lose credit for that favorite....

Additional Info:

review rating by us will be a multiplier for your review (and forum post) count;

total = (30 visits + ((5 reviews + 1 forum post) X review rating) + (3 X 1 favorite chosen))
review rating -> A=3, B=2, C=1, F=0

bottom line: your review quality is now a more important factor in overall rankings and poor quality reviews will not be counted at all. by doing this we want to ensure the quality of each review and discourage inaccurate/poor reviews, cut and paste reviews, etc...

  • Rankings change in real time
  • More sites visited = higher rank (max. 30)
  • More sites reviewed = higher rank (max. 5, can be worth up to 15 visits depending on your review rating grade)
  • A forum post = higher rank (max. 1, worth an extra review)
  • A favorite chosen = higher rank (max. 1, a favorite chosen is worth 3 visits)
  • Better quality reviews = higher rank (A, B, C, F)
  • The top ten ranked sites for the day across a given main category are also featured for that category below the category sub-directory listings.
  • The top 5 ranked sites across the entire directory are placed on the front page.
  • Paid search and sponsored listings are available for sites who choose not to participate.

    ** Members who use automated means of logging in or visiting will at our sole discretion be penalized and/or have their site and/or ip banned. Use some common sense - this is a community based system and attempting to take advantage of other members takes away the value for all. This is a very open venue and we would like to keep it that way...