Referral Based Traffic - Growth Over Time

LinkReferral uses an old concept in a very innovative way to build traffic for its members. Because there is everything to gain, nothing to lose and potentially no additional effort needed to develop this traffic aside from initial placement of HTML code on your site, people readily join and enjoy the increasing benefits month after month. Above all it works because its FREE. Along with the benefits of free traffic, upgraded members can also earn commissions for referrals. Our Marketing Tips link at the top of this page has additional ideas on how to get it going even more quickly.

You - Visitors who click though from your site (or any site you indirectly referred up to five levels below yours) pull the LinkReferral page up, your link is somewhere within the five featured sites.

2nd, 3rd and 4th levels - are enjoying increasing traffic and are on there way to getting sites themselves from the ad on their site as well all sites below them.

5th level - Are just starting out, will put the code on their site and their first level below them will start to join. When they do, your link would be a 6th level which will be bumped off, which will insure everyone has a maximum of five levels which will preserve traffic for everyone. you will still see increased traffic by broadening the five levels your site has.

Say over a month's time just ten people click through and join LinkReferral from your site, who in turn have ten people of their own join the next month, and so on...

In five months, That's:

lst level (10) +
2nd level (10x10) +
3rd level (10x10x10) +
4th level (10x10x10x10)+
5th level (10x10x10x10x10)

= 111,111 sites

who's visitors will pull up your link when they visit LinkReferral. We only want good quality sites, as should you; the higher the quality of this referral program the stronger and more quickly the program will grow.

if you referred 5 levels of referrals, they ALL (in our example, 100,000 5th level + 10,000 4th level + 1,000 3rd....) view your link on our front page: - 4th level sites referred them - 3rd level sites referred them - 2nd level sites referred them - you referred them - This is your site position when your 5th level referrals view our front page